Wedding Lighting

Decorative and ambient lighting are often the perfect “finishing touches” to an indoor or outdoor special event. With the use of richly dense or less saturated neutral color washes, the entire look, feel, and even the level of enjoyment can be effectively controlled and greatly heightened.

The theme or even a particular mood of a party, reception, meeting, or any social or business function can be dramatically enhanced and stated with the use of thematic or decorative gobo projections.

Indoors or outdoors, all bars, buffets and specialty stations, general seating and eating areas, building exteriors and architecture, walls

and ceilings, paths and walkways, trees and bushes, and even ponds and swimming pools can all be creatively lighted to make for a more exciting experience!

Custom gobos can be created and projected, either moving or stationary, onto almost any surface to promote a product, identify a client, or serve as a special welcome for a guest (s).

Enjoy the expression of your client or guest as they enter the room or area that you have allowed The GiG Entertainment to completely transform into the “place” or “mood” you want them to be, all through the use of decorative lighting and gobo projections!