What To Look For In A DJ

Hiring the right entertainer is probably the most important decision for the successful outcome of your event! Some people treat this like a commodity and choose the cheapest. And we’ve heard numerous horror stories of DJ companies that lure in customers with low prices, only to provide an inexperienced disc jockey with poor people skills, an inferior music library, shoddy equipment, and the DJ either arrives late or not at all! Ask these questions as you do your research:

  • Do You Provide A Written Agreement?

    It is very important to confirm your booking in writing. Terms should be clearly defined to avoid future problems.

  • Are You Insured?

    Be confident that the DJ you hire will show up for your affair! Insurance will give security & protection to you and your guests, as well as the DJ and his expensive gear!

  • Do You Have Backup Equipment And DJ’s?

    Even professional audio equipment can fail on occasion, don’t let this put an early end to your affair. Make sure there is backup equipment and be sure there is a back-up DJ should an emergency or case of illness occur.

  • Is Your Equipment Of Professional Quality?

    There is a difference between home audio and professional road-worthy equipment. The equipment a DJ uses should be built to go on the road each and every day!

  • Will You Listen To My Music Suggestions?

    Many DJ’s are of the opinion that they know what music is best for their audience and won’t take requests. The DJ should listen to requests and play them whenever appropriate.

  • Will You Dress Appropriately at My Affair?

    It is important that your entertainer look the part by dressing formal or semi-formal, according to your preference. Themed events and picnics require different attire.

  • Will You Play The Music At An Appropriate Level?

    The biggest concern voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour.

  • Do You Do More Than Just Play Music At The Affair?

    Most affairs involve more than playing music. It is important to have a DJ who is capable of playing the music, handling all of the announcements and helps to coordinate the affair.

  • Will You Listen to My Concerns And Input?

    A professional DJ is aware that they can’t possibly know every aspect of music and entertainment. Your input and suggestions should be welcome!

Of course, the GiG Entertainment says “YES” to all these questions, and we hope you’ll choose us. Our experience and quality of performance, music and lighting will be the difference between an unforgettable nightmare and a memorable event!